Associated ministries

Arise Metropolitan Assembly – The Laboratory of the Reformation Movement!


 This congregation based in the small community of Elm Park in Hornchurch, London Borough of Havering was activated by the Lord as a living laboratory to demonstrate the New Covenant Kingdom paradigm of Church as a living, loving organism in which saints discover their place and fulfil their ministries in Yeshua, Jesus the Head rather than a religious organisation people join and climb the ladder to an apex.  

 As required in Ephesians 4: 11-16  the Lord has graciously caused emergence of the Five Fold – Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists; Pastors & Teachers working together with Exhorters, Deacons and Ministers – in their divinely imparted graces working together to demonstrate what Church should be like. 


In addition, the Lord has manifested the Teach, Train, Equip, Activate and Release process in this Congregation by creating the opportunity and enabling environment for the Royal Priesthood after the Order of Melchizedek (Priesthood of all believers) to be a reality. EVERY saint in the congregation is provided equal opportunity


With an effective prayer team in 24/7 coverage; a highly energized Evangelism team in Go Ye Mode across Hornchurch, London Borough of Havering, Greater London and various parts of the United Kingdom, Arise Metropolitan Assembly has also received great grace to impact the Community as Salt and Light.

The most profound of the manifest Grace of Elohim in Arise is how there is equal opportunity for the saints to flow in their gifts and callings to the degree that though from various tribes and races, the congregation functions as one united Kingdom Community with Yeshua, Jesus as the Only Head. The Overseers of the Ministry, Apostle George and Pastor Grace lead by example, serving the saints as destiny helpers.


Community Impact: Arise Metropolitan Assembly volunteers corporately with Hope4Havering to feed people in their homeless shelter each week. Another team conducts stand up early Sunday morning services serving breakfast and ministering to both the homeless as well as those passing through the Romford Market.

Mission Central – This is united team of fivefold officers, exhorters, ministers and Deacons the Lord raised as co-labourers with Apostle George and Pastor Grace to pursue fulfilment of the vision of activating the Omega Church dispensation world-wide is. They include: Prophet Edna Ahuama; Pastor Emiliah Muteweri; Evangelist Soso Oguibe; Pastor Kemi Akinpelu Oduniyi; Pastor Mudi Fashe & Minister Helen Fashe; Pastor Olufunke Aliu; Prophet  Nadeem Mokhoon;  Teacher Akwasi A. Nuama; Pastor  Tony Yeboah; Teacher  Gozie Onyeaso Teacher Bridget Osakuni;  Pastor Nobert Ekeogu;; Min. Jasmine Marshall;  Min. Daisy Amisu; Pastor Johnson Amone; Minister Emma Adinpu, Minister Kirk McKay; Minister Astrid Mokhoon, Minister Segametsi Motshibela and  Minister Paul Dawson.


Global School of Ministry


  Global School of Ministry provides all resources ministers and ministries across the world need for Teaching, Training, Equipping, Activating and Releasing an innumerable company of saints to function as Priests and Kings in the Order of Melchizedek of which the enthroned King Yeshua, Jesus is High Priest. This is done absolutely free of charge.   

Apostle Pat Gowera - Africa Director


Through the free Curriculum and Course notes supplied by Global School of Ministry, many Churches are transitioning from theatre to School paradigm of Ministry. 

Aposlte Sondra Jenkins - North America Director


By their combined efforts, an uncountable number of saints have received training and ordination into ministry across the world. The website is Requests for materials should be directed to: 

Global Advanced Mentorship Program



This Kingdom agency runs the annual Master Class project where ministers and potential leaders are given compressed accelerated training in Strategic Kingdom Leadership over a 9 month period. 


Possibly one of the most intensive leadership development programmes, it currently runs classes on Facebook (written lessons and assignments); daily Facebook Live (video broadcast) and Day Break with the King with students from all over the world. A non-academic but high impact spiritual empowerment programme, it provides capacity building for the Kingdom Church. It is not just free of charge, lecture notes are also provided free of charge as well as eBooks of same and audio lessons in MP3 format. If you seek to be part of the 2019 class, please request for the application forms to:

Registrar - Minister Stephanie Foster


Minister Stephanie Foster is a Chicago, Illinois based Criminal Justice Attorney who struggled with prayer, the Word and spiritual things until the Lord connected her with Daybreak with the King at its inception in September 2013. As the glorious light of the Truth hit her through Daybreak with the King, Minister Stephanie became engrossed in the Word. 

She forfeited her convenience to take care of the back end operations of both DayBreak with the King and 24/7 Global Prayer Center. Today, she coordinates both Kingdom Projects in the Reformation movement.

When the Lord revealed that Apostle George and Pastor Grace needed a reliable minister to take care of administrative issues, she volunteered and has filled the gap with such grace and consistent faithfulness that she became their Chief of Staff, ensuring that various arms of the Reformation movement operated with seamless flow. 

While participating in the 2014 Master Class, she had series of encounters with the Lord of the Word, Yeshua which activated an Apostolic Teaching ministry He called her to. She subsequently has been serving as a Mentor in the 2015 and 2016 Master Class.

Until recently, she served as IMF-USA Director of Prayer and Spiritual Warfare before the Lord transitioned her to serve IMF International as Global Executive Director of Administration and Trustee of IMF-USA. 

As Registrar of the Global Advanced Mentorship Program, she coordinates administrative matters and is keeper of the Official Records of Faculty and Participants

Special Assistant/Legal Adviser


Evangelist Veronica Ikechi, is a London, United Kingdom bases Legal Practitioner with a heart burning for the Great Commission to be fulfilled as well as social justice for the most vulnerable in society. 

She is an alumni of the 2016 Master Class of the Global Advanced Mentorship Program. With an eye for detail, she will be providing legal counsel to the Visionaries. She will also be fulfilling her passion for empowerment of saints in the whole counsel of Elohim-God. 

Special Assistant at Mission Central


Pastor Tony Yeboah was the first officer at Mission Central to complete the Master Class series. Gifted in leading saints into the Presence of Elohim and bringing His Presence down, Pastor Tony is zealous for spread of Kingdom Culture across the world. 

Special Assistant to Pastor Gr


Pastor Emiliah Muteweri trained for ministry at Global School of Ministry, Mission Central, London. A Nurse by Profession, Pastor Emiliah is gifted in ministry of the Word and healing. She is the most senior of the ministers in Arise Metropolitan Assembly. She will assist Pastor Grace, the co-Visonary of Authentic Kingdom Culture

Special Assitant for Portuguese Outreach


Evangelist Janis Crew, Based in West Branch, Iowa, Evangelist Janis Crew successfully completed the 2017 Master Class while concurrently running a Portuguese class. She will be empowered to head up an outreach to brethren who speak Portuguese.

Evangelist Janis is head of Mozambique Missions and has a heart for saints in that nation.

Special Assistant for the Caribbean Basin


Apostle Brenda Jamison is a vessel on the Lord's side, working in the earth realm as His Kingdom ambassador and handmaiden. It is with humbleness that she serves as the Director of IMF USA Women in Ministry. She is the Visionary of Seeds of Love and Grace Outreach Ministry in the City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, birthplace of United States of America.

A graduate of the 2015 Master Class, she has remained connected as an Alumni who Mentors others. A woman of Prayer, she is a host on the 24/7 Global Prayer Line and an Intercessor on Daybreak with the King.

Apostle Brenda will oversee expansion of Kingdom Culture in nations of the Caribbean Basin, connecting with brethren and ministers on the ground, connecting them to the Reformation movement.

Special Adviser to the Visiona


Pastor Sheldon Southerland is Senior Pastor at Friendship Community Church in Greensboro, North Carolina. Imbued with an Apostolic mandate, Pastor Sheldon has been engaged in transforming the Congregation into on with an empowerment DNA through Global School of Ministry resources. 

He himself is an alumnus of the 2016 Master Class of the Global Advanced Mentorship Program. 

In the Market Place as a Teacher, Pastor Sheldon is impacting the next generation with values and principles that make them better citiz

Special Adviser to the Visiona


Apostle Ronald Shepherd is overseer of God’s Promise Restoration Center in Kilgore, Texas. Married for 34 years to Pastor Janda Shepherd, they have 5 children: Pastor Jeremiah JaRon, Jessica, Joseph and Jonathan who are all active in the ministry in Kilgore. They are also blessed with two wonderful Daughters in law, Minister Brittney and Kedra and two grandchildren, Brooks and Elijah Joel. They were introduced to the Visionaries through the active matchmaking of Apostle Fred & Pastor Kathleen Harris, Overseers of New Risen Christ International in Detroit, Michigan.

Apostle Ron was born in Kilgore where he now currently resides along with his family after spending 12 years in professional baseball. He has been in active ministry for the past 34 years as a result of one of his teammates leading him to a conversion into Yeshua-Jesus back in 1983. Since then he has travelled and shared the gospel and ministered in several countries as well as all across the USA. 

He and his wife function as President of International Ministers Fellowship -USA. Apostle Ronald Shepherd believes everyone is someone in the Kingdom of Elohim-God and is well endowed with the gift of encouragement, flowing from a loving heart. Humble and personable, Apostle Ron participated in the 2015 Master Class and graduated with his son, Pastor Jeremiah and daughter in Law, Minister Brittney . 

As Overseer of GPRC he and Pastor Jeremiah have encouraged as many brethren in the ministry as possible to participate in the Master Class series. Over 20 have responded so far.

Apostle Ronald Shepherd will function as Special Adviser to the Visionaries with whom they will consult and commune to share what Elohim is saying in the now and give counsel as and when needed to advance the divine vision for emergence of the Melchizedeck/Royal Priesthood world-wide.

Managing Editor


Apostle Dr. Katherine Jones is a native of San Diego, California where she resides with her husband of 34 years, Elder Christopher. The couple have two married children, Christopher and Latisha; and four grandchildren: Brooklyn, Eli,  Savannah and Noah.

Apostle Dr. Katherine is a 2016 Master Class alumnus and mentor for the 2017and 2018 Master Class. 

As the Editing Manager of Kingdom Books Club Dr. Katherine and her team are responsible for ensuring the heart of Yahweh as revealed to and through Apostle George and Pastor Grace are prepared for publication to the remnant worldwide.  In addition , Her team manages the Yes Course and Authentic Kingdom Culture Live You Tube Channel.

Apostle Dr. Katherine functions as International Ministers Fellowship acting Global Director of Communications. Apostle Dr. Katherine has been given a passion to see saints grow into maturity through diligent structured study of Holy Scripture followed by life application. She embraces the TTEAR process by which saints grow to become all Yahweh created them to be in Him. 

She is affiliated with Christians United in the Word of God Assembly in San Diego and teaches individual and group discipleship. 

Called to the market place she functions as a Process Manager for a telecommunications company where she has been employed for the past 25 years. She holds a Doctorate degree in Business Administration and volunteers with a community based program tutoring high school students in English and Writing.  

Special Assistant to the Visionaries for Pastoral Outreach


Pastor Jeremiah Shepherd is the oldest of five children born to Apostle Ronald and Pastor Janda Shepherd. He and his dear wife, Minister Brittney Shepherd are blessed to be the parents to two beautiful children, Brooke and Elijah. 

Born in Toronto, Canada during his father's travels as a professional baseball player, athletics played a large role in his life, and the Lord used it as a tool to equip him for ministry as Jeremiah matured. Skilled enough and certain that he would one day follow in my father's footsteps as a professional athlete, little did he know that Elohim had other plans. In July of 2004, he was involved in a near fatal car accident and was ejected from a vehicle at more than 80 mph. Miraculously, he made a full physical recovery, but it was his newfound perspective on life that permanently and positively changed. 

A series of divinely closed doors and opportunities led him back to his hometown of Kilgore where he eventually became the Pastor at God's Promise Restoration Center. Critical kingdom connections brought about a healing and preparation for ministry. Those closed doors and adversities have proven to be a blessing, as other doors have been opened leading to spiritual growth and fulfilment in the Father. He is thankful for life, appreciative for true family, and honored to serve the kingdom in gratitude.

Though young in age, Pastor Jeremiah has been used by the Lord to do a remarkable work of shepherding the flock of Yeshua at GPRC. The Congregation shared the award for best Kingdom structured organic ministry throughout the IMF Global family with Arise Metropolitan Assembly London. He serves as IMF-USA Director of Church Growth.

A graduate of the 2015 Master Class, Pastor Jeremiah has been a mentor since the 2016 set and supported the large GPRC delegation to complete. As Special Assistant to the Visionaries for Pastoral Outreach, Pastor Jeremiah will be deployed to reach out to and support Pastors of Congregations yearning for help to re-configure their congregations in order to function as living, loving organisms rather than dry religious organisations or corporations.

Director of Communication


Prophetess Kandis Carney is a native of Houston, Texas and currently resides in Cypress, in Northwest Houston. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Houston. She works as a Project Coordinator for a major Oil and Gas company in Houston’s Energy Corridor. 

She has served in leadership in ministry for the past 14 years including community outreach, creative arts leader, children and infant care and education, mentoring young women and youth, health advisor and Intercessory Prayer Leader. She loves the Lord with all of her heart, soul, mind and strength and she loves people, culture, history, community, laughing and all things creative.

An Alumni of the 2016 Master Class she serves as a mentor to the 2017 Master Class and serve as Director of Communication of the Global Advanced Mentorship Program. In this capacity, she oversees utilization of a range of strategic tools needed to present the vision,  mission and the unified Kingdom Culture message of the Global Advanced Mentorship Program to the public within and outside the Body 

Special Assistant for Africa


Apostle Pat Gowera is a vessel whose life is lived in total consecration to her Lord and Saviour, Yeshua Jesus. She is the visionary of Christ In Us Ministries Zimbabwe, overseeing its four congregations as well as welfare projects designed to better the lives of orphans and unemployed women in Harare's oldest township of Mbare. In addition to this, she has started bringing together ministers of the gospel who are going to be trained on how to minister to youths engaged in substance abuse. 

Apostle Pat is currently the President of IMF Zimbabwe. She had previously served in various capacities as Director of Business, Professional and Public Affairs and Director of Church Growth. 

Apostle Pat is also the Coordinator of the Global School of Ministry Online Program for the Africa Region. She participated and excelled in the 2015 Master Class Thereafter she volunteered as a Mentor in the Faculty of the Global Advanced Mentorship Program. Lastly, she also serves on the Editorial Board of Kingdom Culture.

Apostle Pat will focus on getting Pastors and Leaders of the Church across Africa to reject all forms of leaven of Christian Religion and pick up the mantle of the Lord to foster Kingdom Culture throughout the Continent.

Daybreak with the King



With sounding of the Shofar, the elect remnant encounter the King in Prayer and the Word early in the morning just as Yeshua, Jesus, did with the Father in Mark 1:35. Time is: 10.00 am GMT| 2:00 a.m. PST | 3:00 a.m. MT | 4:00 a.m. CT | 5:00 a.m. ET; Call Number: 03306060527; Access code: 981974# 

Pastor Edna Uloma Ahuama


Prophet Rolanda Bryd


2013: 24/7 Global Prayer Center


 Started in September 2013, it is a vision whereby saints will be on a continuous set of prayer watches to cover each day in prayer, standing in the gap for the elect remnant world-wide. If you desire to stand in the gap with a 1 hour watch per day or per week, please write to:  



Frontline Intercessors in London led by Pastor Edna Uloma Ahuama has been able to, by His Grace ensure daily 24/7 coverage.

Kingdom Book Club



Believing that studying and applying the Truth is the key to true Kingdom success, Holy Spirit has led us to activate a virtual library of eBooks for saints world-wide to read, free of charge! The eBooks are available on this web site for your free  download and study at  


We have been able to also publish printed versions of some of the Books which will empower you to serve the Lord better and make greater impact on your generation as a Kingdom Ambassador – at affordable prices. They include: Holy Spirit; Spiritual Gifts; Market Place Ministry; Women in Ministry; Discover & Fulfil your Ministry; Critical Adversaries; Prayer & Spiritual Warfare; Divine Perspectives of Purpose; Legacies of Christ.

Managing Editor


Apostle Dr Katherine Jones

America, Wake Up!



In 2009, the Lord laid a burden on us to mobilise Intercessors to stand in the gap for the United States of America. The 7th year of this vision coincided with the 240th birthday of America as a Sovereign Nation in the 2016. Prophetically, 240 means 6 generations of 40 years each. 


That  edition of America, Wake Up! held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania July 1-4 2016, where those who love the nation travailed as spiritual mid-wives of its ultimate destiny using 2 Corinthians 7:13-14; Jeremiah 5:1; Ezekiel 22:30 and Matthew 6:10 as basis of praying at the historic sites were the nation was born in 1776. Since then, the nation has been in manifestation mode with several issues of strong prophetic significance happening by divine course.

Tennessee delegation came prepared!

Tennessee delegation came prepared!

The great of Tennessee was ably represented at America, Wake Up

The great of Tennessee was ably represented at America, Wake Up! - DC Now! By two delegations.

 One of the delegations was the leadership of a new Church plant that  was prophetically position to catch and release fire in Murfreesboro.

Apostle Karen Fikes, Visionary; Prophet Toni Nicholson and Evangelist Kasondra Watkins truly came prepared!

 At the Bureau of Engravement & Printing; Supreme Court, Washington  Monument; the Solemn Assembly, the White House, in and on Capitol, they  were there in full force to receive!

3 generations of Georgia were together.


  As  various delegations flew the flag of their States in DC during America,  Wake Up!, Georgia had something special going for it: 3 of the four  delegates were members of the same family tree spanning 3 generations:  Apostle Sandra Russell a Prophetic Intercessor, her daughter and grand  daughter. The other team member was Attorney Clarence who came with  Apostle Elizabeth Castle.

At the strategic Washington Monument,  the 4 people from Georgia stood in the gap for their state to be saved  the ravaging effects of what was released from this particular altar  over the nation! 

Flag of the Big Apple was in DC!

Evangelist Anita and her friend Pastor Sherry drove down from Queens, New York to DC for America, Wa

  Evangelist Anita and her friend Pastor Sherry drove down from Queens, New York to DC for America, Wake Up!

 They carried the flag of the strategic State of New York at this  National Altar where the faulty foundations were renounced and repented  of.

Evangelist Anita exuded that same passion and zeal for King  Yahshua, Jesus which her colleagues on DayBreak with the King have been  accustomed to. 

Onto the White House!


  A  mission to Washington DC is incomplete without a trip to the White  House. This unique building which is built in Roman-Greco Temple  architecture style is the highest seat of human government in the earth  realm.

No one bothered about the drizzle


 There, the team interceded and made the prophetic declaration, to  accompaniment of the Shofar: 'The King is coming!' 'His will be done in  America as in heaven!'

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YES Course


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