Vision and Mission

Authentic Kingdom Culture has a simple vision and mission reflected in our motto: The Whole Word for the Whole World!


For that reason, we are under a divine imperative to remain on the cutting edge of ensuring the Holy Scriptures come alive in all we do. It also places a great burden on us to deploy all available resource to ensure all humans in this generation experience the following shifts in their lives:

· From Sinner to Saint – through igniting the passionate fire of lifestyle evangelism by all believers every where for which we provide teaching and training resources. 

· From Believer to Disciple - We provide resources which enable believers to make the value decision to surrender their lives and rather enthrone Yeshua, Jesus as Sovereign ruler.

· From Disciple to Friend of Yeshua, Jesus and son of Elohim.

· From Disciple and son - to be able ministers of the new Covenant and Royal Priests after the Order of Melchizedek who serve Elohim and fellow humans.




The tools with which these 4 objectives are met are a Kingdom operating system which has been made easily accessible for the largest possible number of saints to access through these platforms which will be outlined in full elsewhere on this site:


· Global School of Ministry – developed the Teach, Train, Equip, Activate and Release Empowerment paradigm which turns all Congregations from organisations to living, loving organisms

· The Annual Master Class of the Global Advanced Mentorship Program a 9 month leadership development program personally conducted by Apostle George and Pastor Grace, working with leaders they have mentored over the years.

· Kingdom Books Club – which provides all courses of both the Master Class and GSOM in the form of easy to download free eBooks

· The Yes Course – this is a platform through which you can do both the Master Class and the GSOM at your own pace by email access.

· The Facebook Live platform – this is a daily broadcast through the Facebook profile of George Akalonu. You can do both the Master Class and Global School of Ministry entirely through this daily teaching program

· DayBreak With the King – this is the Free Conference Call platform of the same training and runs on a daily basis.

size and distribution of world religions



  • Christianity (blue) dominates in the Americas, Europe and the southern half of Africa.
  • Islam (green) is the top religion in a string of countries from northern Africa through the Middle East to Indonesia.
  • India stands out as a huge Hindu bloc (dark orange).
  • Buddhism (light orange) is the majority religion in South East Asia and Japan.
  • China is the country with the world's largest  'atheist/agnostic' population (grey) as well as worshippers of 'other'  religions (yellow).
  • The Americas are (mostly) solidly Christian