1. P. Jabangwe Children Home

 Based in Waterfalls a suburb of Harare, Zimbabwe, this orphanage was established and run by Pastor Patricia Jabangwe. Undeterred by death of her husband, Pastor Patricia pressed on and opened the doors of her home to run a unique orphanage which also pays school fees for the children. Global Mission Board adopted it for support in 2017. 

2. Kids of Hope Uganda1 Orphanage


Kids of Hope Uganda1 Orphanage was established by Apostle Paul Katongole, Overseer of Faith for Global Deliverance Ministries. Located in Mpigi, not far from Kampala, Uganda. Global Missions Board adopted this orphanage in 2017.

GMB built a modern hostel for the Orphanage in 2018. Mission Central, leaders of Arise Metropolitan Assembly sponsored installation of solar power


In December 2017, Apostle George visited the Kids of Hope Uganda1 Orphanage at Mpigi established by IMF Uganda President, Apostle Paul Katongole and his wife, Pastor Maureen.   Their 19 year old daughter Hellen served as a Volunteer worker at the Orphanage. She had finished her High School studies and desired to be trained as an Early Child hood Teacher so that she can serve the orphans in the Orphanage.   As there was no money to realise her dreams, Hellen was content with serving in the Orphanage looking up to the Lord for a Solution.  That solution came when the Lord spoke to Apostle George that Sunday evening to commit Global Missions Board to sponsor her 3 year studies at the Kaliro College for Early Education.  With the kind assistance of a few partners, GMB has provided the funds. On the recent Mission to Uganda, Apostle George accompanied Apostle Paul, Pastor Maureen and Apostle Irene to visit Hellen where she was encouraged, prayed for and given pocket money to take care of her expenses.  One full year out of the 3 is gone. Will you pray and stand with us to fund her through the next 2 years? 

Commissioning of the hostel built for Kids of Hope Uganda 1


 Commissioning of the hostel built for Kids of Hope Uganda 1 Orphanage at  Mpigi, Central Uganda! How humbling to be used by Elohim for this  purpose on behalf of the joint sponsors: Global Missions Board, Arise  Metropolitan Assembly/Mission Central London and Authentic Kingdom  Culture Inc of Illinois. This is in support of Apostle Paul Katongole,  his wife Pastor Maureen and Children who labour tirelessly to serve the  children. 

3. Ark Fountain School and Orphanage


Ark Fountain School and Orphanage was established by Sister Naomi Tembo in one of the suburbs of Lusaka, Zambia. It arose from her own painful experience as a young widow following death of her husband who left her with their 4 children. Rather than languish in pain, she stepped out in faith to take in 17 other orphans in her school. About 60 other children from poor families join them daily for meals.Metropolitan Assembly sponsored installation of solar power

4. Ark of the Covenant Orphanage

   Ark of the Covenant Orphanage is located in Kabwe one of the cities in Zambia Well structured with buildings needing ceiling and painting, it is  

5. Kingdom Youth & Child Care Centre


Kingdom Youth & Child Care Centre. This unique, holistic orphanage is located in Saulsville a suburb of Pretoria, South Africa. Established by Pastor Makombe, it caters to the spiritual, social and physical well being of the young children.

6. Mercy Home Widows, Orphans


Mercy Home Widows, Orphans & Destitute Day Care Centre was established by Dr. Mrs Ilechukwu to offer well organised care for the most vulnerable in society. It is located in Imo State of Nigeria. Mgbirichi, 

7. BYC Candlelight School


BYC Candlelight School is the brainchild of Evangelist Christina Binda whose vision is to impact the next generation with the gospel. Located in Paynesville, Liberia it offers both excellent spiritual academic and civic education to students. Some of them were products of the horrific Liberian Civil war.

8. Maranatha Children Home


Maranatha Children Home is located at KHETALASANDA KHAM, KHATIMA. P.O. UDHAM SINGH NAGAR, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA. The Home caters for 13 children of Leprosy victims, 6 orphans and semi orphan children. It is run by Apostle RAMESH KUMAR