The Global Missions Board

One of the biggest hindrances to fulfillment of the Great Commission in this generation is the scourge of 'Churchianity' which is based on a false paradigm of the gospel. This paradigm focuses on building of Religious organizations for people to join as 'members' and religiously designed 'church' building for Christians to enter on specially designated 'Holy Days'. This distortion of the gospel operates on the paradigm of what is called 'Come here'. The Bible reveals that Yeshua, Jesus gave us a mandate which can be summed up with two words: 'Go Ye' The Global Missions Board has been specifically birthed to provide all arms of the Body - both individuals, ministries and congregations with the strategic structural support they need:

The Global Missions Board has been specifically birthed to


Provide reliable information on various Mission fields both from original first hand observations as well as resources developed by various organisations


Help you to be properly prepared through short, sharp orientation/Mission training exercises 


Link you up to genuine ministers and ministries on the ground across several nations who will be your hosts when you travel. 


Share with you information on genuine social causes and community engagement projects you can invest in that can produce the highest ratio of impact. You are free to pick up any of the Social Projects we are already involved with in different nations. You are free to tap into any of these ongoing projects: Adopt an Orphanage/Orphan; Adopt a Widows organization/Widow; Adopt a Pastoral Family/Congregation or Adopt a Community 

The point is this: We are here to support you to Go Ye for the first time and to also become a very effective Missionary!